Phone and Mobile Devices

Phones, laptops, and other mobile devices have physical limitations and need care. Whether performing upgrades, repairs, or layout changes, Admin Networks will efficiently execute the task. We service:

  • VoIP and landline phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Smartphones
  • Telecommunication Service

    Mobile Computing Service

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    Voice Over IP

    With increased internet speed, availability, and reliability, communications have gradually moved from calls to texting and email. Furthermore, as landlines age, costs grow. Thus, major phone companies are phasing out these legacy systems. New VoIP phones combine the stability of desktop systems with technological innovation. Switch over with us to save money and gain new features like multi-line extensions and voicemail transcripts.

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    Mobile Security

    Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are more compact than desktop computers. However, with hand-held mobility comes an increased risk of loss or theft. If personal devices are being used at work, it could result in a loss of critical business data. Fortunately, Admin Networks can set up encryption and remote data wiping. To prevent unauthorized software downloads, we provide administrative password protection. We can remove business data and applications following employee termination.

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