Computer Services

Computers, as advanced as they seem, are just machines. They can be slow or break down at the touch of a button. Fortunately, Admin Networks provides professional technical support.

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Solutions for a Slow Computer

  • Install anti-virus and firewall software
  • Remove unnecessary software and viruses
  • Upgrade computer operating system
  • Install new drivers, devices, and parts
  • Adjust computer and email settings
  • Find reliable replacement computers

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    Other Computer-Related Services

  • Set up new computers
  • Connect your computer to the internet and printer
  • Create a cybersecurity plan
  • Set up secure backups

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    New Computer

    Just bought a new computer? Setting it up can be complicated and time-consuming. Instead, our experienced technicians can do it for you. Show us what programs you like, and we can install them on your behalf. We can help you connect your computer to the printer, internet, secondary monitors, TVs, and more.


    Do you use your credit card online? Are there valuable documents on your computer? A cybersecurity program is crucial for defending against internet attacks. At Admin Networks, we ensure business longevity through internet and network security. We can set up and configure routers, wireless connections, antivirus and firewall software. We perform backups and restore lost data. We use image backup and integrity checks to minimize disruption and uncertainty.

    Our licensed and certified technicians are happy to serve you: 

  • At your location
  • In our office
  • Remotely over the network
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