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Whether you work for yourself or have 200+ employees in multiple locations, Admin Networks can help. We reinforce IT infrastructure, provide innovative consultations, and source equipment to fit your business technology needs.
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Network Support

Workflow stream-lining and security compliance is important. We will assess your current setup to see what needs improvement. We can set up network segmentation and monitoring, upgrade transmission devices, and update IT infrastructure. We also perform workstation setup, upgrade, and troubleshooting.

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Good communication with customers and business partners is vital to a growing business. Choose us when setting up spam protections for email. We also install VoIP phones. Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phones go through the internet and are always improving. Stationary and rich with features, these phones offer both convenience and desktop stability. For larger businesses, we can set up video conferencing for remote employees and branch locations.
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Server Management

We source and install high quality, reliable servers to centralize business software and data. To manage access requirements, we can partition the server and create shared drives. For database servers, we can do configuration and software downloads. We can also set up mail servers for in-house email communications.

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Cloud Services and Virtualization

Have a small office or want to clear up space? We will identify the best cloud vendor for your needs. Options include cloud storage, virtual operating systems and drives, and web-based software and applications. We do installation and setup for Office 365 and Google G Suite. No more unnecessary spending with these up-to-date services and small per-user monthly fees. We can also install cloud-based versions of key industry software.
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Contingency Planning

Every day, there is news of cybersecurity attacks. Even with security cameras and data encryption, there is risk of data leakage. Moreover, natural disasters such as small earthquakes can cause data corruption. Fortunately, we can help you by installing anti-virus software, performing backups, and securing database servers. We will also do our best to respond to emergencies and minimize costly downtime, no matter what time of day.
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Facility Relocation

Whether you are expanding or downsizing, we can help you with facility relocation. When moving into a larger space, you may realize that you need more workstations. We can help with procurement, including network devices to add new workstations to the current network. We can also install TVs and other equipment into your employee break room. For smaller workspaces, we will help with software and hardware virtualization. This will cut down the overall digital footprint while maintaining necessary business data.

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