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Admin Networks is committed to providing excellent IT services at affordable rates. We always put our clients first. We value time, so we are always punctual and provide services in a timely manner. Our experienced IT professionals can help you meet all of your computing needs.

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Minority-Owned Family Business

Admin Networks is a minority-owned family business. As such, we treat both customers and employees like family and maintain an easy-going atmosphere. We are always:

  • Improving service, value, and quality
  • Supporting cultural diversity and equal opportunity
  • Fulfilling corporate diversity quotas
  • Certifications and Licenses

    Have an issue with your Windows operating system, Office software or Microsoft 365 service? Our system administrator is Microsoft certified. We are experienced in solving issues for many businesses through diagnosis, repair, and replacement.

    The Computing Technology Industry Association is the voice of the information technology industry. Backed by CompTIA certification, we provide services in both workstations and networks.

    CompTIA A+ Certified:
  • Connect users to key information
  • Troubleshoot issues regarding computers, laptops, smartphones, or smart devices
  • Give new life to old computer systems
  • CompTIA Network+ Certified:
  • Manage and administer networks
  • Troubleshoot firewalls, routers, servers, and wireless access points
  • Enhance Internet and Wi-Fi security
  • We are licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs to install, service, and maintain:
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Telephone systems
  • TV and entertainment centers
  • Audio speaker systems
  • Temperature controls
  • All other communication and low voltage systems not exceeding 91 volts
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    2050 Concourse Dr # 50
    San Jose, CA 95131, USA

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    Phone: 408-200-9881
    Email: [email protected]

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    Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5:30 pm

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